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Naperville, IL’s Garage Door Services

Naperville, IL’s Top-Rated Garage Door Service Company

We know that you have an extremely busy schedule. The last thing you want to see is that your garage door is not working. Fortunately, as Naperville, IL’s top-rated garage door service company, there’s nothing we can’t handle for you!

We understand how frustrating and helpless this situation can be. You get repairs and not short-term fixes when you hire a professional. That’s why you call or text 630-239-1768 for Accurate Door.

Accurate Door is your reliable partner whenever you need residential or commercial garage door repair in Naperville, IL. With our knowledge and expertise, we perform successful garage door repairs quickly and efficiently. Call today and enjoy complete peace of mind and safety.

Trusted Residential Garage Door Services Company in Naperville, IL

Does your garage door get stuck while opening or closing? Did a spring or cable break? Does your house need a new garage door altogether? Accurate Door is here to help.

We are a local, trusted residential garage door services company in Naperville, IL. We also provide robust emergency garage door repair services to restore the function of your garage door as quickly as possible.

Our team of trained and experienced professionals identifies the issue and fixes it on the spot and without delay. We thoroughly inspect your garage door for any other minor problems and resolve them before they transform into significant issues. No matter the size and type of your home’s garage door, our technicians can complete any job size swiftly and efficiently.

Garage Door Repair Company In Naperville, IL

As an established garage door repair company in Naperville, IL, we understand the various problems your home’s garage door may encounter. Don’t think of your garage door problems as a DIY job, as it needs knowledge and experience to repair garage doors. Otherwise, you may transform a minor issue into a big and expensive one. Whether it has a broken spring or cable, we can professionally handle all types of repairs.

Garage Door Installation Around Naperville, IL

We not only offer repairs for your garage doors, but we offer amazing residential garage door installation around Naperville, IL, and the surrounding areas!

We have extensive experience in installing various garage doors, including automatic and manual. Our team examines your space and recommends the most suitable garage door for your commercial or residential property that fits your needs and budget. We ensure seamless and fast installation with a complete satisfaction guarantee to not have to wait for long hours and disrupt your routine.

Garage Door Spring Repair Services Near Naperville, IL

Believe it or not, the spring is actually a very critical component of any garage door. It may break unexpectedly for a variety of various reasons, but the outcome is the same: a garage door that does not function properly. The other thing you can be sure of is that we offer exceptional garage door spring repair services near Naperville, IL.

A bent or broken spring is a very common problem, but repairing it by yourself can be very dangerous. A lot of factors like the weight of the door or the tension of the springs and cables can lead to serious injury.

Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage door cables are responsible for the smooth and even operations of your garage door. These cables may become frayed or break due to wear and tear over time. When they are stuck in your garage door at a specific angle it is quite dangerous. Our team is an expert at handling garage door cable repairs and swiftly completes the job so that you can continue with your routine tasks. Call Accurate Door today for garage door cable repair!

Garage Door Opener Repair Services In Naperville, IL

The garage door opener is a component that raises and lowers your garage door. The problems with the opener can cause sudden shutting, slow door movements, or intermittent function. These issues can harm your property and vehicle. Therefore, we offer several options for new garage door openers or garage door opener repair services in Naperville, IL.

24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair Around The Naperville, IL Area

Garage door emergencies seem to happen at the most unexpected times. Whenever it happens, you need to contact Accurate Door for 24/7 emergency garage door repair around the Naperville, IL, area. We are fully equipped and always ready to deal with any emergency with speed and efficiency.

Our trained and experienced technicians arrive in fully equipped vehicles so that we can address any sort of issue right on the spot and in the quickest possible time. We inspect and identify the issue in the first attempt and give you an honest estimate regarding the repair. And once you give us a green signal, we start working on fixing the issue so that you can have a functional garage door without hassle.

Commercial Garage Door Services In Naperville, IL

When you need help with your commercial garage doors, call or text Accurate Door. We can handle all of your commercial garage door services in Naperville, IL! We work quickly and efficiently so you won’t have to worry about anything.

We can take care of getting your new commercial garage doors, repairing the ones you already have, and so much more. We can even help you get commercial garage door financing!

Call or text 630-239-1768 today.

Commercial Door Installation In Naperville

It’s easy to get the doors you want and need when you call us for commercial door installation in Naperville. Our team will match you with the best doors or garage doors for your needs, then oversee their installation and testing. We won’t leave until you have both the access and the security that you need.

Pedestrian Doors For Your Business

Pedestrian doors for your business let people in while still maintaining whatever level of security you need. We’ll work with you to make sure your doors look great and work exactly the way you want them to. Call today to find out more about our pedestrian doors!

Hollow Metal Doors In Naperville, IL

When you need some extra security but you don’t want to break the bank, call and ask us about hollow metal doors in Naperville, IL. These doors look great and improve the security of most businesses. We’ll help you find the best ones for you so you can feel great about your business again.

Garage Door Data Specialists

We won’t just fix your garage doors, but we’ll keep track of all the relevant data on them. That way, whenever you call us for a commercial garage door repair in Naperville, we’ll know what to bring with us.

This helps speed up your repair because it means we won’t have to go back for other parts and tools. It also means we’ll know if you’re experiencing repeated problems with the same door, and we’ll help you troubleshoot those.

Same-Day Garage Door Repair In Naperville, IL

Whether you need spring or cable repair, openers or any other sort of service, we’ve been providing same-day garage door repair in Naperville, IL, since 1972.

Don’t wait for the next day to have your garage door fixed. We understand that it’s critically important that you have a working garage door for the safety and security of your property and life. Our experts respond to your request fast and reach you even ahead of the scheduled time to ease your worries. We ensure to check each component of your door so that nothing is left to chance.

Call or text 630-239-1768 today to schedule with Accurate Door!

Local Reviews
for Naperville, IL

Accurate Door Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 3 customer reviews

Map of Naperville, IL 60540

GDO Service & Replacement

Review of Accurate Door

technicians were knowledgeable & attentive to what was required - addressed all of my questions

NapervilleIL60540 41.7575-88.1675

Response from Accurate Door:

Thanks for sharing your rating with us and the community.

Map of Naperville, IL 60540

Great Service

Review of Accurate Door

Our spring on our garage door broke & they came out the same day to fix my garage door. The guy was great.

NapervilleIL60540 41.765-88.1225

Map of Naperville, IL 60564

Knowledgeable professional technician.

Review of Accurate Door

Josh was extremely helpful, explaining what needed to be fixed and then proper operation.

NapervilleIL60564 41.7125-88.2275

Response from Accurate Door:

Thanks for sharing your review with us and the community.

Alyssa W.

Alyssa W.

Garage Door Maintenance with Repairs: As I arrived at the client's home for their annual garage door maintenance, I conducted a thorough inspection that uncovered specific issues. In addition to tightening loose hardware and meticulously lubricating all moving parts for seamless operation, I also addressed repairs. I replaced a worn-out roller and resolved an issue with the garage door opener's safety sensor. This meticulous approach ensures that the system not only operates at peak performance but also remains safe and reliable year-round.

Near Willoway Dr, Naperville, IL 60540
Cedric  P.

Cedric P.

-Super Quiet 1 1/4 HP DC Belt Drive -Soft Start/Soft Stop -Timer To Close -360 LED Light Panels - Activated With Motion Control - Built In Bluetooth And WIFI -Battery Backup -Safety Photo Eye Reversing Mecanism -Includes 2 Remotes And A keyless Entry Keypad -MyQ Smart Phone Technology - Securely Monitor And Control Garage Door Opener From Smart Phone -Two Way Audio With 1080P Built In Camera

Near Oakhurst Dr, Naperville, IL 60540

8/14/23 MJ Replaced rollers and serviced door Estimate will be sent for spring conversion and operator

Near Allister Ln, Naperville, IL 60563

Replaced cables Mounted photoeyes to the correct position Spaced tracks properly Mounted cable tension monitor to the correct position There is no warranty on any parts or labor on this door due to the operator This unit will continue to have issues until a trolley operator is installed in its place The operator is connected with an extension cord, which we highly recommend against The rollers are worn and are dragging when the door closes, which is causing the cable tension monitor to engage. The customer expressed interest in keeping the existing doors. A trolley operator and door restore on both doors is the recommended solution, a quote will be provided

Near E Gartner Rd, Naperville, IL 60540
Alyssa W.

Alyssa W.

Summertime Garage Door Maintenance Service Our client's annual summertime garage door maintenance is successfully completed. A comprehensive inspection of the entire garage door system was our first step, leaving no detail unchecked. Our focus on safety and functionality guided us to conduct thorough tests and evaluations. To ensure smooth operation, we meticulously applied lubrication to the moving parts. We also conducted a detailed examination of the hardware, garage door opener, and sensors, all of which were found to be in optimal working condition. The client's garage door is now well-maintained, allowing them to rest easily. We're excited to return next summer for another round of exceptional maintenance.

Near Glenwood Ct, Naperville, IL 60564
Joshua P.

Joshua P.

**HOA requires this door in particular 9x7 CHI 2283 White 12 Radius **Extra long hangs included for vaulted ceilings *Optional rush fee for $150 if customer would like work done tomorrow 8/4/2023

Near Petworth Ct, Naperville, IL 60565

Includes: 2 Ultra High Cycle Torsion Springs Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable Quiet Glide Sealed Bearing Rollers Commercial Grade Anti Slip Drums Heavy Duty End and Center Bearings

Near Oakhurst Dr, Naperville, IL 60540
Joshua P.

Joshua P.

Deduct diag fee from operator if installed by next week. 87594-267

Near Buttonwood Cir, Naperville, IL 60540
Joshua P.

Joshua P.

Garage Door Repair. Basic Repair - Replacement of Garage Door Cables (1 set)

Near Treeline Ct, Naperville, IL 60565

Garage Door Repair Service. Reinstall Bug Door Per customers request, we propose the following: -Sections, track, springs assembly, hardware and supports are all in customer stock *Recommend replacing switch track *Most of the hardware seems to be there, most likely would have to replace some. *Screws and rollers would probably be needed Does not include warranty View visual findings from this job here -

Near W Diehl Rd, Naperville, IL 60563

Garage Door Installation Service. Includes: 2 Ultra High Cycle Torsion Springs Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable Quiet Glide Sealed Bearing Rollers Commercial Grade Anti Slip Drums Heavy Duty End and Center Bearings

Near Edward Rd, Naperville, IL 60540
Alyssa W.

Alyssa W.

Garage Door Maintenance Service near Spindletree Ave. It was time for the client's annual springtime garage door maintenance service. We promptly arrived to check over their garage door system, ensuring its optimal performance. Carefully inspecting each component of the client's garage door, we conducted tests to guarantee both safety and operability. As part of our meticulous service, we applied oil to the moving parts, ensuring smooth movement. Additionally, we diligently checked the hardware, garage door opener, and sensors, confirming that everything was working optimally. With our dedicated maintenance, the client can have peace of mind knowing their garage door is in top-notch condition. We will gladly return next spring for another round of professional maintenance.

Near Naperville, IL 60565
Joshua P.

Joshua P.

Garage Door Repair Service Call Reprogrammed the client's garage door keypad. Lubricated system. Discovered: Structural damage to top section top fixtures.

Near Chevy Chase Ln, Naperville, IL 60564
Joshua P.

Joshua P.

Garage Door Repair Service. 2 Remotes Keypad Battery Backup LEDs Includes: 2 Ultra High Cycle Torsion Springs Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable Quiet Glide Sealed Bearing Rollers Commercial Grade Anti Slip Drums Heavy Duty End and Center Bearings The Garage Door had the wrong springs installed. Off by 50lbs. We corrected the issue by installing new garage door springs. Lubricated both doors.

Near Hobson Mill Dr, Naperville, IL 60540

Garage Door Repair and Restoration Service. Door Restore + Wayne Dalton Torsion Conversion **We will also reinforce a style that is loose.

Near Chesapeake Ln, Naperville, IL 60564
Joshua P.

Joshua P.

Bottom Rubber Replacement Adjusted operator limits. Lubricated stops to aide in rubbing on cathedral stops.

Near Montgomery Ct, Naperville, IL 60540
Joshua P.

Joshua P.

Garage Door Service Call - Troubleshoot + Diagnose Door and Operator

Near Deepwood Ct, Naperville, IL 60540
Joshua P.

Joshua P.

Model: Hormann 3400 16x7 Garage Door White Short Panel 12 Radius *Free tune-up and check up one year after installation *Pricing may change if color or style of door changes from the specs above *Offset motor

Near Fairmont Ave, Naperville, IL 60564
Joshua P.

Joshua P.

Includes: 2 Ultra High Cycle Torsion Springs Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable Quiet Glide Sealed Bearing Rollers Commercial Grade Anti Slip Drums Heavy Duty End and Center Bearings Bottom Seal and Retainer Installed +Keypad Reprogramming

Near White Oak Dr, Naperville, IL 60540
Joshua P.

Joshua P.

Includes: 2 Ultra High Cycle Torsion Springs Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable Quiet Glide Sealed Bearing Rollers Heavy Duty End and Center Bearings Adjusted track to make joint smoother between horizontals and vertical tracks. 2 free years of accucare.

Near Raintree Dr, Naperville, IL 60540
Joshua P.

Joshua P.

Garage Door Repair Work Includes: 2 Ultra High Cycle Torsion Springs Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable, Quiet Glide Sealed Bearing Rollers, Heavy Duty End and Center Bearings, Liftmaster 84505

Near Countryview Dr, Naperville, IL 60564
Alyssa W.

Alyssa W.

Garage Door Tune-Up near Landore Dr. I visited a residential home today to ensure the optimal functioning of the garage door as part of our comprehensive garage door tune-up. During the Tune-up, I conducted a thorough inspection of the door, meticulously examining it for any signs of wear and tear. I then proceeded to lubricate the rollers and springs to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Additionally, I adjusted the spring tension and verified that the sensors were properly aligned to ensure safety and optimal performance. Fortunately, there were no indications of any issues with the garage door, but to maintain its optimal functioning, I have scheduled my return for the next annual tune-up session.

Near Naperville, IL 60564
Alyssa W.

Alyssa W.

Garage Door Repair Service near Sanctuary Ln. Today I came out to a residential customer’s home to repair their garage door. Upon arrival, I examined the garage door to discover the source of the problem. I discovered the springs on the garage door were not up to our standards and replaced them. Installed new springs on the client’s garage door and adjusted the tension to bring the garage door back up to excellent condition.

Near Naperville, IL 60540
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