• Looking For a Fire Door or Shutter?

    Our team offers a number of solutions that we can install at properties to provide a fire door or shutter. With a selection available, you are sure to find a fit for your needs.

  • How Do Fire Doors Work?

    Fire doors are connected to a fire detection system and will automatically drop upon reaching a certain temperature or if an alarm is set off. These doors are very reliable and necessary for most commercial businesses.

  • Need Fire-Safe Solutions?

    Consider investing in fire shutters as a way to properly protect your commercial space from the risks of a blaze. These barriers work to shut when there are flames present, saving your property from further damage.

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We can install strong and durable fire doors and shutters as a measure of protection against a possible disaster in your business. We have high speed roll up fire doors that we can make sure will work and successfully pass fire inspections.

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With a function fire door, you can be confident in operating your business on a day to day basis and knowing you will pass a fire inspection code if need be. Our team of certified professionals are here to help guide you through the process of choosing the right door for you.

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Also called security shutters, fire shutters are a method of deterrent against damage from a fire. They are equipped with a mechanism that causes it to close when an alarm is going off or high levels of heat are sensed, blocking off oxygen to the area and stopping the spread of the flames. Having them can make the difference in whether or not your structure survives.

Fire-Rated Doors & Fire Shutters in Aurora & Across Chicagoland

To properly protect your building from a devastating fire, consider having fire doors or fire security shutters installed. These work to shield spaces and act as a barrier from flames spreading. The team at Accurate Door can get them put in at your property in Aurora, so you can have peace of mind in the event of a blaze. Whether you need residential or commercial help, our skilled staff will help you find the protection you need. We’ll work with you so that your doors meet your specific and unique needs. Get in touch with our experts today to learn more!

How Fire Doors/Shutters Work

We offer different options for fire safety. Our staff can help you choose shutters or a fire door to fit your various needs. These can even be wired to your fire detection system and automatically drop or close when an alarm is triggered or if a certain level of heat is detected. They slow the speed of both smoke and fire so that people in a building have time to get out safely. Our team will work with you to make sure you get ones that will work the best in your situation and that are the correct dimensions for the openings at your place in Aurora. Then we can install them and test them for you too, until you are sure that your building is safe and secure.

Professional Fire Door Inspections

Fire-rated doors need to be inspected yearly in most locales. If your doors don’t pass the test or if you have a fire and one doesn’t work, call us right away. We’ll fix the door or get you a new one that will keep your people safe. We won’t stop until we are sure that yours is going to work properly and pass inspection. Depending on your needs, we can offer different levels of resistance to flame and will make sure everything is tested and proven to work.

Expert Fire Shutter and Fire Door Service

The professionals at Accurate Door can help whenever you need to make sure your building is fire-safe. We can install or repair fire doors or fire shutters that automatically deploy if there is a blaze, helping to block oxygen and prevent flames from spreading. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your safety and will not stop until they are certain your property is sufficiently protected. Get in contact with us today for help in Aurora or the surrounding areas.  We service all garage door brands such as: Raynor, Clopay, Amarr, LiftMaster and more!

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