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Securing Facilities, Products & Protecting Employees

Security Access Code Systems Secure Your Business!

Securing facilities, products and protecting employees are more important to businesses than ever. Key and key cards have been around for years, but can get lost or forgotten. If a key needs to be replaced, it often means replacing key cylinders on every door in the building and can often take days or weeks.

Although monitoring access is now available with keys and key cards, it can be expensive. Well, we found a solution for our small business and other businesses we now service.

Why an access code system?

Several years ago we had an employee leave and were unable to obtain a key from him once he left. We run a family business and often have children in the building after work or on school holidays. With this disgruntled employee having access to our building, we felt a bit vulnerable. Rather than changing the lock cylinder and making all new keys to all of the doors in the building, we found a solution by installing a Trilogy lock key pad system. Little did we realize all of the benefits. This allows us to provide each of our employees with their own access code. The system can be set up to monitor access with dates and times, but we really just wanted it to replace our old key system.

When an employee leaves, we simply delete their access code. When a new employee is hired, a new key code is programmed for that person. We looked at key cards, but key cards can be lost or forgotten just like keys. The best part is…no more forgetting or losing keys!

Forgetfulness: After hours we received a call that the alarm was going off in the building. Of course, we were at dinner and showed up without our keys. We could not get into our own building. After replacing our lock with a Trilogy lock, we never have to worry about forgetting or losing keys or cards.

Access to certain parts of the office: We have an office that houses employee files and other proprietary information. Rather than having managers that need access to this office carry a key or key card, they simply enter their individual access code.

Holidays and after hours: Access codes can be programmed for pre-determined times and days of the week, including holidays. Our technicians have access 24/7 because we provide 24/7 emergency service and they need to have access to their trucks and parts. We have the ability to limit access to other employees or contractors.

Door props: One of our customers used to prop their doors open for short periods while running out to check on vehicles in the parking lot. Well it just so happened that this that a disoriented homeless person found his way into the shop. Fortunately no one was injured but the facility no mandates that the door is kept closed at all times to keep out unauthorized persons.

Save time: Changing access codes with the Trilogy lock can be done instantly. No more waiting for keys to be made, locksmiths to arrive.

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