When you get down to it, all doors serve the same purpose; let things go in and out by opening and closing. While the intention of a door remains the same, door operation and functionality is vast. In a commercial setting, selecting a door requires a thorough audit of the installation area and its environment. From storage facilities to fire departments, commercial garage doors serve an essential purpose for a myriad of business settings.

A business owner must take into account several factors including material options, environment, usage rate, and other crucial components. So when the time comes to make your choice, take time, and review these variables to find the door that best suits your needs.

Operational frequency

The amount of traffic your facility sees plays a significant role in the selection process. Do you expect a high-frequency operational rate? Opting for a sectional door with a heavier-duty construction may be the ideal option. For spaces that see less frequent traffic, perhaps going with an aluminum-make better fits your needs. The best doors provide durability and longevity, so no matter what, be sure your traffic levels are on par with preferred materials.

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Security requirements

The presence of security features is an option with almost no reason to pass up. Commercial doors have a multitude of protective options that can be added to heighten facility security. The inclusion of locks (indoors and outdoors), automatic deadlocks, preprogrammed mechanisms, and coded keypads, or any combination of these brings a level of security to your facility that makes you feel safe.


Now, this is a big one. You’d be hard-pressed to find a facility with zero fire hazards. Commercial infrastructures, materials, open flames, and chemicals can all catch fire. Even with minimal chance of a fire breaking out is enough to consider opting for a fireproof commercial door.

Energy efficiency

An important operational cost to take into account is energy usage. Especially in cold storage facilities – insulation should be a hot topic (yes, we went there) of discussion. Insulated steel doors are great year-round as they keep temperatures consistent and restrict the amount of potential energy wasted due to their exceptional R-Value rating. Don’t fall asleep on the importance of this one.

Choosing the right door can be overwhelming, but with Accurate Door’s extensive list of commercial products and services, you’ll find just what you need.

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