2018 Updates from: Accurate Door attends CSDDA (Central States Door Dealer Association ) at Grizzly Jack’s in Utica IL. ”Central States Door Dealer Association’s mission is to provide an avenue for its members to exchange ideas, obtain educational offerings, and to monitor legislative/regulatory actions.”

The event celebrated 20 years of the organization and highlighted a topic every consumer should be aware of, “Bad Bobs” Luckily, we have not experienced this, but several of their door dealers shared horror stories. A false garage door repair or garage opener company would enter their market, impersonate them using their business name, provide prospective customers with an alternate phone number through misleading advertising and finally scam customers and often leave the customer with a door or operator in non-working and even a very unsafe situation. Because the scam impersonated a credible door company, their reputation was tainted, often without them knowing.

How to Spot a “Bad Bob”

One of the best ways for consumers to avoid taking the bait is to:

  • Ask for Referrals
  • Check out online reviews
  • Look for a legitimate website and a physical LOCAL business location
  • And remember: if it looks too good it probably is.

Beware of the company that undercharges for service, wants to lock you into a yearly or multi-year contract, make sure the company you are dealing with is local and factory authorized dealer, IDA certified company, and offers custom parts (most parts are readily available from reputable authorized door dealers.)

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