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We are seeing more and more people choosing to install a home security system, especially with the advent of smart technology. If you’re not sure of the benefits of alarm systems or why home security importance is going up, here’s what you need to know.

Protect Your Home and Your Valuables

A home security system protects everything in your home. Whether your valuables consist of jewelry, art, antiques, or family heirlooms, a security system ensures that no one takes them from you.

Security systems with smart features can also monitor for disasters like a fire, and can automatically deploy fire shutters to help contain the blaze. They can notify you and any relevant authorities if there’s a problem at home that could damage your property.

Prevent Theft and Other Crime

If your home is obviously alarmed, more than half of potential burglars will leave it alone. These obvious signs include visible cameras or stickers and yard signs indicating the alarm’s presence, or having a security gate installed around your driveway. Most thievery is a crime of opportunity. If you take the opportunity away, your home will be safer.

Having more home security systems in a neighborhood lowers crime for the whole area. By installing one, you aren’t just protecting your own house, but those around you, too!

Lower Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums

Your homeowner’s insurance premiums may fall as much as 20% when you install a qualifying home security system. If your system monitors for water, fire, and smoke, you’ll save more than you will with a system that monitors for intrusion alone. While these savings likely won’t cover the cost of the system, over time they can make it an affordable option for your home.

Get Remote Access to Your House

With new smart home technology, your security system can give you access to many features in your home. You should be able to monitor not only your security cameras but also any smart keyless door locks, smart thermostats, smart lighting, and more.

You may even be able to control these features remotely. Is someone approaching your home and you’re not there? Use your phone to turn on some lights to make it look like you’re home. You can also open doors and garages to give invited friends and family access to your house without having to give them a key.

Save Energy

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Tying your smart home features to your security system can help lower your energy usage and associated costs. Tell your system to lower the temperature or turn off the lights whenever it is armed (when you leave) so you don’t have to pay for energy you’re not benefitting from.

Are Home Security Systems Worth It?

Many families are finding the cost of a home security system worthwhile. However, you have to make the best decision for your family. Our professionals can evaluate your home, then help you decide if this investment is right for you.

Call us at Accurate Door today to ask your questions about the benefits of alarm systems or to tell us that home security importance means you want to install a system today.

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