“Accurate Door Service was extraordinarily helpful, from the beginning of this project when we were trying to find a garage door in our price range that would be satisfactory to 32 different households in our community, to the completion of the project, satisfying all 32 homeowners and leaving them feeling confident that if they needed anything, Accurate Door Service was just a phone call away.

The design process began with Accurate visiting our townhome community to survey the complex and make recommendations on a door that would work for us. They invited a few of our board members to visit their garage door showroom. They worked with us and advised us on the best solution, aesthetically and functionally.

The project was completed without any major complications. Accurate’s trained technicians came out to measure all 64 door openings. We thought all of our 32 units (2 doors each for a total of 64 doors) were supposed to have the same dimensions but when they came out and measured they found that there were slight differences requiring doors of different sizes. They gave us a timeline for ordering and installing the doors, which they followed.

After installation, some of owners requested adjustments to the doors for various reasons. Every time Accurate Door Service was notified, they responded and corrected the problem within 24 hours – same day service! Every homeowner in our community is very satisfied with the quality of the doors and with the exemplary service they received.

Garage doors are a major part of the visible presence of our town-home community and our NEW doors have greatly enhanced the “Look” of our homes.”

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Ready to Serve

With fully stocked trucks, warehouses and commercial door springs; our team is ready to serve all of your garage door needs. We provide same day service and 24/7 emergency services. We keep records of all garage doors we install and repair so we will be able to quickly solve all your garage door needs.