Sometimes the universe throws a proverbial wrench in your daily routine without notice or care.

Friday has arrived and it’s time to finish the week strong. It’s early, coffee is hot, bag or briefcase is packed and you’re prepared to hit the garage door opener to venture out into the world for another day of work. But on this day, it isn’t so easy.

You find that upon pressing the door open button, like you’ve done every other day, you hear a grind, a squeal, and finally a forceful pop. The door won’t open and you have places to be.

Even more so than an out of an out-of-commission garage door being an annoyance, you now have a safety issue that can affect yourself and your family and friends. In fact, an average of 30,000 injuries are caused by garage door-related incidents per year. Garage doors are often the most mechanically intricate devices in a household, often weighing approximately 400 lbs. With them being as high of a traffic areas, it’s pertinent to keep them in good shape. Should any problems arise, taking care of them requires immediate attention.

Whether you’ve kept to a strict maintenance schedule or not, these things happen — and always at the worst times. The issue could be several things ranging from broken springs or caved rail components to a short-circuited door opener or roller jams. And while you may feel hopeless and stressed at the moment, Accurate Door is always a call away and at any time of day.

So, you have a garage door issue, what now?

Accurate Door provides a total emergency repair service in Aurora and across the Chicagoland area 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. By reaching out to us at 630.491.6885, our on-call technicians can get to you fast and solve your issues even faster. It pays – well, saves – to stay ahead of any potential problems by keeping your garage door properly maintained. But when an unavoidable problem surfaces, you can be certain that Accurate Door will be there to save the day.

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Ready to Serve

With fully stocked trucks, warehouses and commercial door springs; our team is ready to serve all of your garage door needs. We provide same day service and 24/7 emergency services. We keep records of all garage doors we install and repair so we will be able to quickly solve all your garage door needs.