Winter Garage Door Issues (and How to Prevent Them)

Winter Garage Door Issues (and How to Prevent Them) A surprising number of people experience garage door issues in cold weather. Some say that their garage door won’t close when it’s cold, while others tell us that their garage door won’t open in the cold. No matter which way your issue goes, you may be … Continued

Make the Most Out of Your Garage in Winter

Make the Most Out of Your Garage in Winter Your garage is always useful, but it’s even more useful in the winter. That’s when you need it most for storing your vehicle out of the weather, keeping your snowblower accessible, and storing things that you don’t want exposed to the elements. There are a few … Continued

Coat Drive

Annual Coat Drive

Batavia Mothers’ Club Coat Donation • September 26 – October 10 As all Midwesterners know, the winters can be especially cold — even downright freezing. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to warm clothing when the temperature drops. But when a strong community comes together, the right resources can be available to those in need. Beginning … Continued

Garage Door Opener

Automatic Garage Door Openers? Yes, Please!

Being wrapped up in the daily rat race can be exhausting. And with such a robust schedule, a little convenience goes a long way. Simplifying your day starts and ends with the addition of a device that combines luxury and functionality; an automatic garage door opener. The automatic garage door opener is a modern home … Continued

Employee feature Joey Ptak

Employee Feature: Joey Ptak

Joey, the youngest of three siblings, is about to graduate from West Aurora High School and is wasting no time jump starting his career. With a love for learning and a passion for working with his hands, Joey plans to soak up all the knowledge he can from our team of technicians. While he shows … Continued

Clean garage door

How to Give Your Garage Door a Proper Cleaning

There’s a reason the phrase “look good, feel good” is so popular. It’s true, of course. When we make an effort to make something look, it makes us feel proud and confident. This ideology easily applies to the aesthetics of your home. It should come as no surprise that your garage door makes up approximately … Continued

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