Our Garage Door Maintenance Plan!

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At Accurate Door, we know that you rely on your garage door in Aurora every day. You need it to open and close reliably and you need it to do so in a way that is safe for you and for everyone else in your family, too.

That’s why we offer our Garage Door Maintenance Plan. Get a yearly maintenance visit that includes:

  • A 30-point inspection covering all major failure points on your garage door and opener
  • A battery change for your keypad, opener, and other transmitters
  • Light bulb changes for any rough-service bulbs so you don’t have to drag out your ladder or order special batteries

The Benefits of Garage Door Maintenance

You may be asking yourself “do garage doors need maintenance?” The answer is they definitely do, even if you aren’t thinking about it! Here are just a few of the benefits that maintenance could have in your home:

  • Take care of your yearly maintenance. This is the recommended service interval since your garage door is the largest moving object in your home.
  • Keep your warranty intact. Some manufacturers will void your warranty if you don’t get annual service on your garage door.
  • Stay safe at home. Over 55 people are injured, maimed, or killed by garage doors every day. Make sure your family stays safe when you get your garage door maintained each year.
  • Reduce the need for garage door repairs. When you’re regularly performing garage door maintenance, you’re less likely to find yourself with a broken garage door spring or snapped cable. We can catch these problems before they happen and save you a costly repair!

Call Accurate Door for Garage Door Maintenance Today!

Whether you’re part of our program or not, we would be happy to come out and maintain your garage door. Call today to schedule your appointment or to get answers to questions like, “How often do I need garage door maintenance?”.

We’ll be there soon or get you the answers you need so you can make wise choices for your home and your family. Call today to schedule your garage door maintenance or to find out more.

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Ready to Serve

With fully stocked trucks, warehouses and commercial door springs; our team is ready to serve all of your garage door needs. We provide same day service and 24/7 emergency services. We keep records of all garage doors we install and repair so we will be able to quickly solve all your garage door needs.