If you lose power, and your car is trapped in your garage, never fear! This is a common occurrence and the experts at Accurate Door have a couple different solutions for you, as well as a handy guide to reference. Below are two solutions for how to open your garage door during a power outage.

First Solution: Manually Release the Trolley Arm

Head into your garage and reach up high to grab the dangling handle near the garage door track. This is the Trolley Release arm, and once you’ve released it you should be able to pull the garage door up yourself. This is a great temporary solution since you will immediately be able to open your garage door, although it is quite heavy so you will need someone strong and able bodied to do it.

The problem with this method is that while it is convenient, if you have kids in the house that aren’t tall enough to reach, or elderly that are not strong enough to lift the door, you will still have a problem on your hands, not to mention that an unlatched garage door needs to be re-latched as soon as possible to avoid any accidents from it falling

Second Solution: Install an Integrated Battery Backup System

There is a much safer, quicker and more convenient method for making sure you can open your garage door when the power is out: The Integrated Battery Backup System. This is a garage door opener with battery backup that powers your garage door. It holds 24 hours of reserve standby power for your garage door so you can rest assured that it’s there when you need it. It charges in as little as 4.5 hours, and give you the peace of mind knowing you have an exit plan when you need one!

Call Accurate Door For More Solutions About Opening Your Garage Door Without Power!

To learn more about these battery backup packs and how you can get one for your home, contact us today at Accurate Door. We’ll come to you and hook up your garage to the backup battery system, and program it so that you know it works when you need it. Give us a call today at 630 491 6885!

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