Joey, the youngest of three siblings, is about to graduate from West Aurora High School and is wasting no time jump starting his career. With a love for learning and a passion for working with his hands, Joey plans to soak up all the knowledge he can from our team of technicians. While he shows an eagerness to be an integral part of our team, he doesn’t lose sight of the importance of enjoying life outside of work.

Employee feature Joey Ptak

Joey is a man of many talents and interests. Joey enjoys playing golf, skateboarding, and snowboarding in his free time: all of which require admirable patience and dedication to learn. In addition to his skills in sports, Joey is insightful beyond his years. When asked about the advice he would give to someone entering their freshman year of high school, he was all business.

“Stay on top of your stuff,” says Joey. “Don’t fall behind.” It’s this forward-thinking that was one of many reasons why Joey has a bright future.

Joey also sticks to the tried and true method when it comes to his taste in favorite foods. His favorite snack? Peanut butter and jelly? His favorite cereal? Honey Nut Cheerios. Both are staples to any diet that needs a little sweetness to keep you going. At least that’s what Joey says.

When it comes to personality, he’s got that locked down as well. When asked about his favorite memory from high school, his answer couldn’t have been blurted out any quicker.

“The last day,” says Joey with a laugh. “The last day is my favorite high school memory.”

He loves the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High and is strict in his hair care regimen, claiming, “I only use shampoo and conditioner.” And as you can see, it works for him.

We are excited to welcome Joey to the team and have the utmost confidence that he has a bright future ahead. Please join us in welcoming Joey to our team. For him, the sky is the limit.

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