Install Mortise Locks for Better Security!

Install a Mortise Lock to Upgrade Your Security Today!

If you have ever locked up or unlocked a commercial building, you have probably used a mortise lock before. However, most people don’t realize that these locks are different and that they have special uses. If you want to add security to your business, or even to your home, call us and ask about installing mortise locks today.

What is a Mortise Lock?

If you’re asking, “What is a mortise lock?”, you’re not alone.

Mortise locks are usually made of a robust metal. This is a lock that requires a pocket in your door – a longer, thicker mortise slides into a pocket into the door itself, providing superior protection.

These locks also have two parts. There’s the part of the lock that moves when you turn the door handle, and a separate deadbolt that requires a key. Sometimes, the handle and the deadbolt both have separate keys, for even more security.

Mortise locks are designed for heavy use. The deadbolt secures the door deep into the frame with a square surface, making it difficult to break in. These locks can be locked and unlocked thousands of times before they need replacement or even maintenance.

When Should I Install a Mortise Lock

Mortise locks are perfect for the following needs:

  • You want to improve security in your home or business. If you’ve had break ins occur before or there have been some nearby, these locks can give you the peace of mind you need to feel safe.
  • You want to improve the fire safety of your building. Mortise locks make it easier than ever for people to get out of the building in case of fire or other danger. Just flip the lock and open the door, without having to fumble at all.
  • You want a lock that will last. Many home door locks won’t stand up under the kind of use and abuse that commercial locks face. Your mortise lock will last much longer and work smoothly through its lifespan.

A mortise lock with a deadbolt provides better security for you with one motion to exit for the Fire Marshall, and it will last for many years.

Call Accurate Door to Get Your Mortise Locks Today

If you’re looking for added security in a commercial setting or for outside doors connected to your home, contact us at Accurate Door and ask about installing mortise locks today. We’ll help you get the locks and keys you need to feel confident about how safe and secure you are at home.

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