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Do You Really Need Professional Garage Door Installation? Experts Say Yes!

If you’re looking for “garage door installation near me” or “garage door installation in Chicagoland,” then you’re in the right place. At Accurate Door, we offer complete garage door installation packages. Our experts will help you choose your new garage doors, then get them working in your home. When you entrust us with your garage … Continued

Protecting Your Home While You’re Away

Protecting Your Home While You’re Away Are you going away? Whether you are leaving for the afternoon or for  a few days, there are some simple things you can do to help protect your house while you’re gone. In fact, you can put these measures in place even if you’re staying in town. No one … Continued

DIY Garage Door Instructions

DIY Garage Door Instructions We get a lot of customers who ask us if they can work on their own garage door, or who want instructions on a garage door repair DIY so they can complete it on their own next time. While we aren’t against people working on their own doors, we don’t think … Continued

Is It Worth It to Insulate Garage Doors?

Is It Worth It to Insulate Garage Doors? We get a lot of people asking us whether they should insulate their garage doors. They wonder how to make their home more energy efficient or what type of door is energy efficient. While adding insulation to your garage door will change your home’s energy efficiency, there … Continued

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How to Choose the Right Garage Door Color

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Color Many people wonder what color to paint a garage door, or ask if there are standard garage door colors that most people use. The truth is, you can paint your garage door any color you want to paint it, as long as you don’t have restrictions on … Continued

Accurate Door Donates Garage Door & Opener For Habitat For Humanity House

Accurate Door Gives Back with Fox Valley Habitat For Humanity This year, the Fox Valley Habitat For Humanity built their first property in Batavia… and they did it with the help of Accurate Door! Our company is so proud to announce that we donated the garage door and opener, plus a membership to our service … Continued

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Ready to Serve

With fully stocked trucks, warehouses and commercial door springs; our team is ready to serve all of your garage door needs. We provide same day service and 24/7 emergency services. We keep records of all garage doors we install and repair so we will be able to quickly solve all your garage door needs.