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Common Fall Garage Door Problems & Solutions In Chicagoland

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Staying Prepared & Protecting Your Garage Door This Fall

As the temperatures drop and the leaves change in the Chicagoland area, it's time to get your home's garage door ready for the fall season. Preparing for cooler weather will help you avoid common fall garage door problems to ensure smooth operation and energy efficiency.

From understanding weather-related challenges to avoiding motor malfunctions, Accurate Door is here to help you stay ahead of the changing season. Keep reading to learn more!

Weather-Related Issues

Homeowners' biggest fall garage door problem is unpredictable weather. Moisture and freezing temperatures can threaten your door's structural integrity, safety and ability to function properly. While you can't control the Chicagoland weather, knowing how it impacts your door is the best way to prevent damage.

Common issues garage doors face in cold weather include: 

  • Frozen Garage Door - When temperatures drop, garage door track lubricant can harden and freeze, preventing the door from opening and closing smoothly. Excess track lubricant can also cause the door to stick. Use a silicone-based lubricant rated for low temperatures to prevent gunk buildup and freezing.
  • Moisture Damage - Excessive moisture from rain, hail and snow can lead to rust, especially on the garage door tracks and springs. Inspect and clean the tracks regularly, removing any moisture and debris. You can also apply a rust-resistant spray for extra protection.

Leaves & Debris Buildup

Falling leaves and debris can quickly build up in the tracks and around the garage door sensors, leading to misalignment and blockages. Obstructions can also cause safety issues. If the sensors are blocked, they won't be able to communicate with the garage door opener when an object or person walks through the path.

Be sure to clean the tracks regularly by removing any debris by hand and using a broom or leaf blower to clear any buildup. Remove any objects blocking the sensors and realign them if needed. Any items stored in your garage should also be kept at least six inches away from the garage door.

Worn Weather Stripping

The weather stripping around your garage door is crucial for keeping out the cold and drafts. Over time, it can become worn or damaged, allowing cold air and moisture to seep in. Worn weather stripping isn't always obvious during warm weather, so it's important to check the weather stripping in the early fall before it's exposed to regular rain and cold temperatures. Replace the stripping as needed to maintain a proper seal and prevent energy loss.

Motor & Opener Issues

Your garage door's motor and opener are essential to smooth operation. Fall weather can turn minor problems into massive headaches or create new issues.

Common garage door motor and opener issues in the fall include: 

  • Slow Opening & Closing - If your garage door is slow to open or close, there may be a problem with the motor. Make sure that the tracks are clean, clear of debris and lubricated. If you still notice an issue, it may be time to call a professional to inspect and prevent further damage and safety hazards.
  • Unusual Noises - If you hear grinding or squeaking noises when your garage door runs, the motor or opener may be struggling. Lubricate any moving parts with a silicone-based lubricant and check for any loose or damaged components. If you suspect any parts are damaged, call a garage door professional to safely perform any repairs or replacements.

Garage Door Misalignment

Temperature fluctuations in the fall can cause the garage door tracks to warp and throw the door out of alignment. If your garage door is misaligned on the tracks, it may operate unevenly or get stuck.

How to check for alignment issues: 

  • Visual Inspection - Look for any gaps between the door and the frame when it's closed. If you notice uneven spacing, the door may be out of alignment.
  • Tighten Hardware - Check for loose bolts and brackets on the door and tracks and tighten as needed.
  • Call A Professional - If the door is significantly out of alignment, it's best to call a professional technician to correct the problem and avoid safety issues or damage to the door.

Battery Issues

If your garage door opener relies on a backup battery, it's a good idea to check and replace it if needed before the colder months set in. A dead backup battery can leave you stranded during a power outage. Also check the batteries in any remote controls, keypads and hardwired wall switches.

While an unresponsive garage door can be caused by many things, checking for dead batteries is a fast and easy way to narrow down the issue. Many common garage door problems are caused by dead batteries. As simple as it seems, replacing batteries in the fall can help you save time and stress.

Have A Stress-Free Fall With Accurate Door

Fall garage door problems in Chicagoland can be a nuisance, but with proactive maintenance and some DIY solutions, you can keep your garage door operating smoothly during the changing seasons. For your safety and security, though, we always recommend hiring a professional for repairs, replacements and thorough inspections. When in doubt, give our expert technicians a call at 630-239-1768 ! We will quickly diagnose the issue and get your garage door running smoothly again for a stress-free fall.

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