Five Reasons to Buy a Insulated Garage Door in Chicagoland

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Are you considering a new garage door? At Accurate Door, we recommend insulated garage doors in Chicagoland. These doors have a number of benefits.

Some customers ask us if they can handle garage door insulation on their own. While this is possible, most people don’t know how to insulate a garage door very well, and even fewer know that the best way to insulate a garage door is to buy it already insulated.

Not convinced? Here are some of the benefits you stand to reap when you choose an insulated garage door.

Insulated Garage Doors Are More Durable

Insulated garage doors have at least two layers of steel with foam panels between them, rather than just a single layer of steel like most garage doors. This means that they can better withstand impact and that they are harder to damage. We don’t recommend running into them full force, but they will definitely last longer than regular garage doors will.

Insulated Garage Doors Help Protect Your Car

Cold weather can cause all sorts of car problems, such as a diminished battery life, lower air pressure in the tires, and more. An insulated garage door helps keep the entire garage warmer, so it helps protect your car from this kind of damage.

Stop wondering if your car is going to start in the morning and know it will when you choose an insulated garage door. Save yourself so much hassle and maybe even extend the life of your vehicle.

Insulated Garage Doors Can Pay For Themselves

You can recoup as much as 70% of the cost of your insulated garage door when you sell your house. As long as you can pay for the door now, you can rest assured that you will get at least some of your money back when you eventually sell your home.

Insulated Garage Doors Are Quieter

While listening to a normal garage door open and close isn’t the end of the world for most people, it is annoying. It’s even worse when you or your children are trying to sleep. Because

insulated garage doors are more solid, they don’t produce nearly as much squeaking and squealing. Quiet your house down when you install an insulated garage door today!

Insulated Garage Doors Lower Energy Costs

Do you feel like you spend too much on heating and cooling costs? Would you like to pay less for energy all year long? An insulated garage door might help more than you think!

An insulated garage door keeps hot and cold air from escaping out of your garage. It also keeps cold and hot air from getting into your home. Both directions of airflow mean that your HVAC system needs to work harder and use more energy. Stop the flow and start saving right away!

Stop wondering how to insulate a garage door or what the best way is to insulate a garage door. Instead, buy one that already has garage door insulation installed. That way, you’ll be able to get maximum benefit from your new door. Call us at Accurate Door today to get the right one for you!

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